My laptop is back! and My big project is gonna be discussed.

2016-10-31 19:22:53 by Redawesome10

My project Im working on is a DBZ fanfic, me and my friends have been writing the script for 2 months, the project would start being animated sometime around christmas break but not anywhere now

In the mean time I'll be still writing the script, get back to animating, and making sprite comics


Laptop being fixed

2016-05-13 15:49:47 by Redawesome10

I'm back and my laptop is in the process of being fixed, so be prepared for my animations

Im in need! dammit

2015-11-26 01:24:19 by Redawesome10

Okay it ocared to me no one gives a damn, about megaman X rebooted....

So I'm gonna do what I was suppose to and animate: here's a clip (japenesse)

Amazing Nuts- Global Astroliner, pause on the name..........

I did not make this, but give me a chance and we could so were creating opperation

Anime, Step by Step, Sketching

in other words project  A.S.S for some reason

were we begin on my animation projects

I need voice actors and  others with my same talents


Megaman X Rebooted

2015-10-31 23:00:12 by Redawesome10

Hey guys, I've been thinking day and night about a boom ass Megaman game!

the game takes place in a whole new, plot

Megaman and zero have to take on the new children of sigma, this is based on the ending

of megaman X 9 just without AXL due to me not knowing to many resources

for his sprites in 16bit, I am going to be creating my own sprites and animation

and maybe the background but I was hoping somebody could do or find some backgrounds

and Im gonna need bosses ideas, upgraded power ups , and game making software

Other than that I'm good.







What the fuck did I do!?

2015-10-24 14:43:41 by Redawesome10

I summited a short madness flick

in the flick it inculded 2 guys

a grunt and national badass, who would run up on him and flip kick em

how the hell did it get blammed!?

It was a fucking test

Its here my fucking laptop

2015-10-20 19:38:58 by Redawesome10

 my lxaptopHell yea thank you jesus its here



Aqua teen Hunger Force Foever

rest in peace Aqua Teen

My name is Redawesome


Sonic CD Opening Parody

2015-07-18 02:04:11 by Redawesome10

Cancelled Why

Capcom Die

He was a Mega Super guy

Based on a Ranbow


Yeah He fights

Arm Canon

It was a American Band

But not in Korea

Fans losed There Mind


Cancelled New

Cancelled New

Cancelled New

MegaMan Battle Network

Cancelled New

Cancelled New

Cancelled New

Was going to have a Third Chapter